Beautiful Naviglio’s house and Ill Health

「Beautiful Naviglio’s house and Ill Health」のアイキャッチ画像

The Younger Challenge

When I was 24 years old, I was working as a freelance make-up artist in Tokyo, and I suddenly made a big decision to challenge myself to be a model abroad, and left Japan alone. To be honest, I didn’t have that much confidence in myself at that time, but I don’t want to regret that “I should have at least challenged myself” in my future. So I dragged a suitcase as big and heavy as my own body, and with only my sales album, which I would use for modeling work, I set off for Italy for the first time in my life.

I had been to Australia, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, etc., but they were all very easy short-term trips with family or friends, and I had to stay in a strange place for a long period of time by myself, without a fixed return schedule, to get a job there without any help. It may have been a bit of a reckless challenge to try to make a living there, but still, I fully demonstrated my “can’t understand it without trying” spirit, and crossed the ocean without fear of failure.

The House and Cat in the Naviglio District

After a long flight of about 12 and a half hours, I landed at Milan Malpensa Airport in northern Italy, surrounded by gypsies at the subway ticket vending machine and begging for change, I was able to transfer to the train as I had done my preliminary research on the Internet in Japan, and was able to get to my planned place of stay in spite of being in a strange land for the first time.

This time, I used Airbnb, a local accommodation service called “Airbnb” to rent a room from a local, not a hotel, as this was a long-term stay. It may seem a bit high hurdle to rent a room from a local stranger, but rather than staying alone in a hotel as a tourist, it is a great opportunity to get a taste of the local culture and language as soon as possible by putting yourself in an environment where you can fit in with the local lifestyle I highly recommend this service to anyone who wants to spend time not being a “stranger” as a tourist, because you can feel and learn in.

And the accommodation I booked through Airbnb this time is a very classic stone apartment located a five minute walk from the Porta Genova metro station in the Naviglio district in the south of Milan, with a spectacular view at sunset The canal of Naviglio, which is famous for the enjoyment of Enjoying the romantic atmosphere, I arrived at the inn in no time and was greeted warmly by the Italian landlord as I jingled on the much-aged intercom. After carrying the large bags from Japan into the house, he took me carefully through the large house, room by room, and made me a warm cup of tea. And there was a cute yellow-eyed cat sitting quietly at the owner’s feet. The cat’s name seemed to be “gatto,” and when I asked the landlord what the meaning of his name was, he replied, “In Italian, the word for cat is gatto,” which was quite simple. His answer was quite simple. The word “gatto” was the first Italian word I learned when I came to Italy.

Suddenly the body changes

When I left Japan after a hectic schedule of preparations for my departure from Italy, my immune system was considerably weakened by the exhaustion that had built up and the never-ending weight loss process to become a model. The relief of arriving in Italy in one piece might have snapped the thread of tension that had been tense for so long, but I was feeling a bit under the weather for a long time, partly because of the anxiety of living in an unfamiliar place, and partly because I was optimistic that even if I wasn’t feeling well right now, I would recover after a few days of observation. But this would later develop into a big trouble.

At first, I thought it was just a mild headache, so I took some Ibuprofen tablets I had brought with me from Japan, but there was no sign of any effect, and instead of getting better, my condition worsened day by day, with a high fever and no appetite. I had come all the way to Italy, but I couldn’t move at all from my bed and didn’t eat any food, and my landlord seemed very worried about me.

The next morning, when I got out of bed and went to the kitchen, I found a letter from my landlord, who had already left for work, on the table. It took me a while to read and understand the contents of the letter, which was written quite expertly in English, which I’m sure is not my strongest suit, but at any rate, it was clearly a loving letter from the landlord, asking me to feel free to ask him for anything I might need or need help with. And taking care to make me as palatable as possible, even if I wasn’t feeling well, there was a basket full of oranges, pears, apples, and other fruits next to the letter.As I was not eating well and lacked nutrition and fluids, the fruit was an invaluable source of nutrition and quickly and gloriously moistened my parched throat and body, but as I was still unable to eat solid food, I would only drink a minimal amount of water, like a salt drip, anyway I stood in the kitchen with a recipe for homemade oral rehydration solution that he had researched independently on the Internet and somehow escaped dehydration by following the recipe with only salt, sugar and water to make a ridiculously horrible tasting liquid.